Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon film idea was rejected by Disney.

Zack Snyder has loved Star Wars since he was 11 and once skipped school to watch the movies.

Ah, enter the world of Zack Snyder, the ultimate Star Wars fan turned rejected visionary turned Netflix sensation! Disney’s rejection, a blessing in disguise, apparently unleashed an unprecedented level of creativity, resulting in Rebel Moon. Forget the linear trajectory; this epic saga was pitched in college, given a nod by a professor, and then conveniently forgotten until it resurfaced post-Disney acquisition.

Rebel Moon, or as Snyder affectionately calls it, Rebel Moon, Part One: A Child of Fire, is set to grace our screens, promising a unique narrative about a threatened galaxy colony. And no, it’s not Star Wars; it’s more like the rebellious cousin of films from 1977 to 1985 – according to Snyder, at least. Picture a film that’s “really sexy and really violent” – but sorry, Star Wars, you’re just not edgy enough for this one.

In a plot twist as unpredictable as the Rebel Moon storyline, the film will debut in select cinemas before landing on Netflix, because who needs the big screen when you can have the “biggest cinematic experience” in your living room, right? The cast, having survived an extreme diet for their intense fighting scenes, shower Snyder with praise. Emotional tweaking in scenes? Check. Macro and micro perspectives? Double check. But most importantly, he’s a “lovely geezer.” Who wouldn’t want to work with a mind that’s “endless”?

As the release date approaches, Snyder and Netflix are banking on the fervent “Snyder cult” – the fandom that made Justice League’s Snyder Cut a reality and turned Army of the Dead into a Netflix hit. Rebel Moon, the latest chapter in the Snyder saga, promises a sarcastic departure from traditional release strategies and a rebellion against the confines of existing fictional universes. Cue the eye-rolls and slow claps for this out-of-this-world cinematic spectacle!

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