Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Marvel thinks bringing back X-Men ’97 is the perfect mix of old and new to keep fans happy.

Marvel’s reboot of the X-Men cartoon marks a change in direction after a series of mistakes with the franchise.

Ah, another day, another revival from Marvel, because who needs original ideas when you can just reheat the same old leftovers? Enter X-Men ’97, the latest attempt to cash in on nostalgia while pretending to offer something new. But hey, why fix what ain’t broke, right? Let’s just slap on some shiny new animation and call it a day!

So, Marvel decides to dust off its old X-Men series, because apparently, there just aren’t enough superheroes cluttering up our screens already. And what better way to keep milking that cash cow than by resurrecting a cartoon from the ’90s? Because clearly, what the world needs now is more recycled content packaged as something fresh and innovative.

But wait, there’s more! Not only do we get to relive the glory days of our childhood, but Marvel also promises a healthy dose of diversity and inclusion. Because nothing says progress like trotting out the same old characters and pretending it’s groundbreaking. Oh, and let’s not forget the ingenious move of separating this series from the MCU, because who needs coherence and continuity when you can just throw everything at the wall and see what sticks?

But hey, who am I to rain on Marvel’s parade? After all, why bother coming up with new ideas when you can just ride the wave of nostalgia and call it a day? So here’s to X-Men ’97, because nothing says cutting-edge entertainment like rehashing old cartoons for a new generation. Cheers to creativity, folks!

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