Thursday, May 30, 2024
US News

Judge reduces Trump’s fraud bond to $175m at the last minute.

Trump got a last-minute break in court: he can now post a $175m bond instead of paying a $464m fraud penalty right away.

Ah, the saga of Donald Trump and his legal escapades continues with yet another thrilling chapter! In a stunning turn of events, a New York court has graciously allowed Mr. Trump to postpone paying a mere $464 million fraud penalty by reducing it to a paltry $175 million. Oh, what a relief for the former president, who was surely losing sleep over the daunting prospect of finding loose change under his sofa cushions to cover the original amount.

But fear not, dear Trump aficionados, for the man himself has assured us that he will “greatly respect” the court’s decision and will diligently scrounge up the necessary funds – be it cash, securities, or perhaps a generous donation from the Trump Tower piggy bank. After all, when you’re a billionaire with as much as $400 million in cash lying around (or was it $500 million? Who can keep track?), surely coming up with a mere $175 million is child’s play.

And let’s not forget the impeccable timing of it all! Just when the deadline to pay the full penalty was looming, the appeals court swooped in like a knight in shining armor to save the day. Ah, justice truly is blind – or perhaps just a little nearsighted when it comes to certain well-connected individuals. So here’s to Donald Trump, the master of financial wizardry, who manages to turn a potential financial disaster into yet another triumph of legal maneuvering. Truly, we are witnessing legal history in the making.

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