Thursday, May 30, 2024


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Milky Way’s Frozen Detective Agency Uncovers ‘Ghost Particles’

Astronomical Detective, Buried in Antarctic Ice, Unveils Unprecedented View of Our Galaxy Hold onto your telescopes, folks, because scientists have just unveiled a mind-blowing view of the Milky Way - and it's not your typical tourist snapshot. No, this isn't your grandma's astronomy; we're talking about ghostly particles called neutrinos...

Swindon is getting 600 new EV charging points.

Swindon is getting 600 new EV charging points with a £2.3 million government grant. Well, brace yourselves, Swindon residents, for the electrifying news! Your local council, in a stroke of unparalleled brilliance, has secured a whopping £2.3 million from the government's Local Electric Infrastructure fund. Why, it's practically raining charging...
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